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  • Alan Kilduff (Friday, June 06 14 06:47 pm BST)

    Hi Jill. It's the Peel Monument above Ramsbottom, near Bury.

  • Jill Rowland (Wednesday, June 04 14 05:03 pm BST)

    Lovely photos Alan. Where is the tower on the top photo on your home page. Is it above Halifax. I think I have been there with my son who lives in Calderdale. Jill (lakeslover OFC)

  • Alan Galloway (Tuesday, January 28 14 05:31 pm GMT)

    An excellent site, you have given us two pensioners some wonderful ideas. Well done Alan.

  • roger tolley (Saturday, December 21 13 02:03 pm GMT)

    all the best alan , continue to enjoy your blog , always a brilliant read and pic's walked many as well . cheers roger

  • Jon from Sunny Tod (Wednesday, November 27 13 10:07 pm GMT)

    Great site, gives me lots of ideas for my own walks and possible wild camping ideas based on the photos.

  • Bob Eaves (Thursday, October 17 13 02:46 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, Great account of your Ingleton walk. Some excellent shots and scenery. We've never done the falls walk either as we've never been tempted.
    Will try to catch up on your other outings as I've fallen behind lately.
    Cheers, Bob.
    PS I've been over your neck of the woods recently as Glenis has been working on Bank Street the last couple of weeks.

  • Mark Smith (Wednesday, September 25 13 11:55 am BST)

    Hi Alan, very nice site & some really nice walks - good to see you're on the hills so often- must be nice! I live in Rossendale too.

  • Alison Billing (Tuesday, July 16 13 04:39 pm BST)

    Wow Alan, I have chanced on your website while looking for walks around Rivington Pike, which is where my husband proposed to me... we always do the same walk and wanted to extend it this weekend and
    take in Winter Hill. Your website is inspirational! We will definitely be taking a more thorough look and following many of your routes ~ thank you so much for sharing your experiences and lovely

  • Richard Ratcliffe (Tuesday, June 18 13 09:49 pm BST)

    Great walk in Snowdonia. I've had the Carneddau in my sights, but never found my way up there. Cheers, Richard

  • Bob. (Tuesday, June 18 13 07:20 am BST)

    Pen y Ghent....Familiar territory this time Alan. Another good day to be out and a nice album again.Good to see your dad out with you again. I've never descended that pitched path at the Foxup end
    but it looks very good.

  • Bob. (Tuesday, June 18 13 07:13 am BST)

    Excellent walk and photos of your Snowdonia walk Alan and what a day you had for it.
    We've never walked in Snowdonia so really enjoyed the pics. I agree it's a long drive down there as we have just got back from Anglesey and hardly saw the Welsh mountains as they were in mist most of
    the time.

  • Maggie (Saturday, May 18 13 01:20 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, enjoyed your Bank Holiday photos. Glad you got some good walks in. All the best, Maggie

  • Denis Swire (Monday, March 25 13 02:37 pm GMT)

    Hi Alan,
    I have enjoyed your site for some months now and as I was born in Colne some 79 years ago it is a particular pleasure to me to be able to see Wycoller, Boulsworth and Pendle Hill as I live in
    Cornwall, Geat stuff keep it going, Regards, Denis

  • Kath (Monday, March 18 13 02:51 pm GMT)

    Just been admiring your pictures in Langdale. They brought back lots of good memories and the longing to get up there again as soon as the weather gets a little better. I was one of the crowds that
    went up Pendle from Barly a couple of sundays ago!

  • Bob. (Sunday, March 10 13 09:46 pm GMT)

    Blackstone Edge and Shining Tor.
    Hi Alan, Two more good walks there in the wide open spaces of the moors. You got a good few walking miles in that weekend.
    Some great long distance shots suitably enhanced by the bright sunshine and blue skies.

  • Maggie Allan (Monday, February 25 13 09:07 pm GMT)

    An interesting walk Alan, I always notice Farlton Fell too as I drive past, it does look worth a visit. Love the photo of the limestone with the ferns growing in the cracks :o)

  • Maggie (Saturday, February 23 13 05:36 pm GMT)

    Hi Alan, enjoyed the photos of your Pendle ascent, Richard R will be interested no doubt! Fabulous walk on snowy Great Whernside in the sunshine, wasn't the weather wonderful last Sunday :o) All the
    best, Maggie

  • Bob. (Tuesday, February 05 13 08:40 pm GMT)

    The Howgills.
    Hi Alan, A fine sunny day at last and well done for taking advantage of it. Some excellent long distant views in your album. Particularly liked the zoom in on the Three Peaks along with many others.
    Looked mighty cold on The Calf with the frozen tarn.
    Cheers... Bob.

  • Maggie (Sunday, February 03 13 08:33 pm GMT)

    Fabulous walk Alan, wonderful scenery, loved the frozen ripples on the tarn. I'm overdue a visit to the Howgills...Maggie

  • Maggie (Sunday, January 27 13 04:29 pm GMT)

    Hi Alan, how nice to be able to walk onto the moors in the snow from your own front door. Pity the snow was such a short lived affair. Love the shot of The Halo :o) Maggie

  • Bob. (Saturday, January 12 13 08:53 am GMT)

    Hi Alan. Nicky Nook is always a nice walk although it did look rather muddy and wet. Par for the course at the moment. Some nice wintery shots and great views. A very enjoyable album. Did you nip
    into the 'Barn' at Scorton.....PS Thank you for your comments on Picasa,I have replied there.

  • Bob. (Sunday, January 06 13 03:26 pm GMT)

    Hi Alan, Two good local walks in your neck of the woods. I've never visited the area, don't know why as it's not that far away. Looked cold and grey but at least it was mainly dry. Some good clear
    long distance shots.
    Nice to see you over our way on Parlick / Fairsnape. The beauty of those two Bowland fells is that they are always dry enough to enjoy a walk no matter what time of year. Shame you didn't get the
    views from Fairsnape on the day. We were up there yesterday and it was even worse for us.


  • Maggie (Thursday, January 03 13 08:40 pm GMT)

    Hi Alan, I've driven past Stoodley Pike on several occasions and often wondered what it was like up there. Wonderful views of the Lancashire countryside.

  • Bob. (Thursday, December 13 12 08:09 pm GMT)

    Hi Alan, Two cracking walks here in superb walking weather. Very familiar with both areas. Two excellent albums and great shots of the area and especially Pen y Ghent.

  • Maggie (Tuesday, December 04 12 02:35 pm GMT)

    Hi Alan, enjoyed your latest two walks, Ingleborough looks stunning, lucky you managing to get a couple of days off work in the good weather. Look forward to seeing what you got up to over the
    weekend. Thanks for solving the mystery of the boulders in the enclosures. Maggie

  • Bob. (Saturday, December 01 12 06:54 pm GMT)

    Hi Alan, Two great albums here. Great clarity and long distance views and blue skies. Ingleborough is always a favorite of ours and have done the same route. Long time since we were on Clougha. We
    haven't ascended from the 'back'as we usually park at the Jubilee Tower and walk straight up the front.

  • Bob. (Saturday, November 10 12 11:34 am GMT)

    Hi Alan, you certainly had the best of the day as the skies darkened near the end. Good timing !! Excellent photos and long distance views and usual excellent commentary. We were on High Street
    ourselves a couple of weeks ago in balmy,autumnal weather. What a difference a couple of weeks make.

  • Maggie (Wednesday, October 31 12 07:52 pm GMT)

    Hi Alan, loved the autumn colours in your Hardcastle Crags walk. Lingmoor Fell never disappoints, a beautiful area and sunning views. I've done your route on Lingmoor Fell a couple of times but both
    times the other way round. Last time I was on Lingmoor with Angie we came back via Langdale but I prefer the other route on balance.

  • Bob. (Tuesday, October 30 12 09:18 pm GMT)

    Hi Alan, Just enjoyed your latest two albums and excellent walks they were. Did the Hardcastle Crags walk in summer on a dull day, but your photos are much better in the sunshine with Autumnal
    Lingmoor is a favorite of ours for a short winter walk and again you got some excellent shots with great all round views.


  • Richard Ratcliffe (Tuesday, October 23 12 08:48 pm BST)

    Enjoyed the Keighley Moor and Kettlewell reports. The clouds on Sunday were interesting, we were nearby in Malham. Keep it up! Richard

  • Maggie (Friday, September 14 12 06:27 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, three interesting walks recently. I especially enjoyed the photos of your walk on Derwent Edge etc, all areas I’ve walked several times when I lived in Manchester. The moorland around there
    is just glorious when the heather’s out, completely transformed. On the negative side I’ve had a couple of ‘encounters’ with grouse shooters in the area at this time of year! Maggie

  • Bob. (Tuesday, September 11 12 11:00 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, Just viewed your latest three walks and what a great set of photos. You certainly have been to some wild and remote places. Wide open spaces and great long distance views. Bouldsworth Hill
    is quite easy for us to get to but surprisingly we have never been there. Enjoyed the photos.

  • Bob. (Tuesday, August 14 12 09:20 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, Just enjoyed the album of your Harter Fell-Kentmere Pike walk. The photos reminded us of our Longsleddale walk earlier this year on a similar day. Some great long distance shots before the
    haze moved in. As you know we were out the same day and it did affect the photos later in the day. Still an enjoyable walk and album....Cheers..Bob.

  • Bob Eaves. (Tuesday, August 07 12 09:27 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, Nice album and walk on Pendle Hill. Some superb long distance shots there. We were up there a couple of days before you but you had a brighter day and more sun. Let's hope the weather
    improves soon.

  • Maggie (Sunday, July 29 12 04:00 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, lovely photos from Ireland, it's good to have a change of scenery. That old Austin car reminds me of one my primary school teacher used to have...I must be getting old! Maggie

  • Bob. (Monday, July 23 12 09:13 am BST)

    Three Scars Walk.....Hi Alan I missed this one...Excellent album and walk in a favorite area of ours although we haven't visited Moughton or Moughton Scar yet. Great limestone scenery as always and
    good to see you got a good day for it.

  • Bob. (Saturday, June 23 12 03:58 pm BST)

    Hi Alan,Another good walk around the Malham fells. Some good long distance shots and limestone scenery. Did a similar walk about a year ago, so know it well. Had a job getting Glenis over the wall to
    Rye Loaf Hill. :-) Another nice album.

  • Bob. (Saturday, June 09 12 12:18 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, Good account of a grand Ribblesdale wander and well chosen route. Some excellent shots and a fine day for it. We're walking the Ribble Way, in sections, at the moment and our next stretch
    will be from Horton to Settle. Just waiting for the weather now. Cheers, Bob.

  • maggie (Friday, June 08 12 07:18 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, great weather for your Penyghent walk. I did a similar walk once but t'other way round, it was November and parts of the Ribble Way between Helwith Bridge and Horton were inder water! Looks
    much drier for you.

  • Bob Eaves (Saturday, June 02 12 07:29 pm BST)

    Another good one Alan. Excellent photos of the Whinfell Ridge and Borrowdale. I've never walked in the area but from your photos it looks superb.
    Cheers, Bob.

  • Bob Eaves. (Saturday, June 02 12 07:18 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, a great account of your Langden round. One of our favorite Bowland walks as it's virtually on our doorstep. Last time I was at Fiendsdale Head the flagstones weren't there, are they new?
    Great album...Cheers, Bob.

  • Maggie (Sunday, April 29 12 04:07 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, a good way to spend your Saturday morning. Interesting to see the moors I've driven past quite a few times when I lived in Manchester. Great photos as always and lovely views of the
    Rossendale Valley. Maggie

  • Bob Eaves (Sunday, April 29 12 03:36 pm BST)

    Hi Alan, A nice local walk when time is short. I've never walked on Bull Hill or Holcombe Moor, but expected to see Darwen Tower from there or perhaps I'm mistaken. Good long distance shots. You were
    right about the forecast on Sunday, our normal walking day, but couldn't take advantage yesterday.

  • Freddie Phillips (Tuesday, April 17 12 09:44 pm BST)

    Enjoyed seeing your latest walk Alan, I smiled at your reference to Knotberry Fell, I remmeber a louse weekend spent in Dent, wind rain lashing for olympic gold, left my suffering wife in the car
    while I did a rapid run up to claim the top, and salvage something from the hills, still, the Sun Inn in Dent makes up for a lot of things...

  • Jill Rowland (Monday, April 09 12 09:40 am BST)

    Hi Alan,

    What a brilliant week, superb weather and some stunning photographs. I really enjoyed them all. We had a week like that (almost) at Febuary half term a few years ago. Being in the Lakes is wonderful
    whatever the weather but your week must have come close to perfection! I finished my Wainwrights last September, it's a great feeling! Jill (lakeslover OFC)

  • Freddie Phillips (Sunday, January 22 12 10:55 pm GMT)

    Some beautiful crisp, clean and frosty shots, my main visits have been on The Dales Way (not exclusively though), but you've got my feet itchy for these tops - so much quieter than Lakeland.