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The aim of this website is to share the great time I have exploring the hills and mountains of the north of England (and beyond).


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To access other walks, the links to the Walking Diaries can be used which contains the walks done during that particular year or the walks can be accessed by the area in which the walk was done.


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Site News

My new website is now online. The address is http://www.penninewalker.net/

My last walk of 2015 is the final one that will appear on this website. I've known for a while that because of how I started this site in 2011 I was approaching the point where I wouldn't be able to add any more new content. The turn of the year was a good point to stop and make a decision as to what to do. After giving it some thought I've decided to start a new site. It's going to be while before I put it online, until I feel I've got enough content I won't publish it. Over time I'll transfer the content across and close this one down.

Last site update: 6th January 2016, a Peak District walk added.

Last walk done: 29th December 2015 - A Four Edges Walk

Recent Walks







29th December 2015 - A Four Edges Walk


(9.7 miles/ 1600 ft ascent)







27th December 2015 - Pendle Hill


(7.3 miles/ 1038 ft ascent)







20th December 2015 - Eyam Edge & Foolow


(9.2 miles/ 1524 ft ascent)







13th December 2015 - Smearsett Scar


(8.6 miles/ 1345 ft ascent)







6th December 2015 - Bride Stones Moor


(5.9 miles/ 1234 ft ascent)







22nd November 2015 - Silverdale & Arnside Knott


(10.1 miles/ 1502 ft ascent)







21st November 2015 - Grit Fell & Clougha Pike


(8.1 miles/ 1805 ft ascent)







12th November 2015 - Attermire Scar & Catrigg Force


(7.3 miles/ 1868 ft ascent)







10th November 2015 - Stoodley Pike


(5.6 miles/ 1145 ft ascent)







1st November 2015 - Pendle Hill


(8.9 miles/ 1639 ft ascent)